I refuse to photograph anything that doesn’t have beauty

Mercury Transit

On 11.11.2019, Mercury passed in front of the Sun. This cast a visible green healing light upon the Earth, and I documented it in photos.

Urban Gossipers

Birds look upon us every day and sometimes watch our every move. Oh, to be a gossiper with so much material!

Nature is my home

Bde Maka Ska

This beautiful place offering both nature and cityscapes is one of my favorite places to go in the summer.

I photograph my world as I see it

MN Wildlife Refuge

This place is so much fun with the wilderness by the river! This park is actually pretty huge.

Mill Ruins Park

The Stone Arch Bridge always reminds me of my home.

My Beautiful Backyard Tree

Every downtown alley should be transformed into a garden.

The Universe expands

Train Tracks

What could be more beautiful than train tracks? Especially where they’re about to change directions.